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1950s Vintage 9" Lucky Cat Statue Bank, Maneki Neko Beckoning Lucky Cat, Japanese Good Luck Feng Shui Prosperity Statue, Chinese Lucky Cat

       1950s Vintage 9
       1950s Vintage 9
       1950s Vintage 9
       1950s Vintage 9

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$85.00 68.00


SALE . . . 20% OFF!  Wonderful vintage Japanese lucky cat good fortune statue bank in excellent condition, circa 1950s!

This is a very nice hand painted porcelain Maneki-Neko "beckoning cat" figurine, featuring many fine details. The left paw is raised up which signifies "Luck for Business". It has a nicely detailed hand painted face with big eyes, small whiskers, and a pink nose. It wears a fancy red collar with a hanging medallion bib. Both are sprinkled with glitter. The right paw holds the gold good fortune coin in the center, marked with kanji. There is a coin slot on the back of the head.

This fun vintage Lucky Cat measures 9 inches tall, by 5.5 inches wide, and is 5.5 inches deep. It is marked Made in Japan in black on the bottom, along with the original hole cover paper. (This paper cover has never been removed to retrieve coins.) It is in excellent condition free of chips, cracks, paint loss, or restorations. There is a bare minimum of light wear, barely noticeable.

What a wonderful Maneki Neko feng shui good luck prosperity statue to display at your entry, or to add to your collection. Excellent vintage collectible bank!

SIDE NOTE: From Wikipedia -
Modern Japanese folklore suggests that keeping a talisman of good fortune, such as the maneki-neko, in bedrooms and places of study will bring about favorable results and life successes.

Because of its popularity in Chinese communities (including Chinatowns in the United States) the maneki-neko is frequently mistaken for being Chinese in origin rather than Japanese, and is incorrectly referred to as a "Chinese lucky cat" or j?nm?o ("golden cat").

#ORI 0206


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